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Tips on Making Over a Used Car Before Trade-In

Trade-in is probably the most efficient way of procuring a new means of transport if you are already an owner of a car or a motorcycle. However, it would be a neglect to think that a dealer will take a vehicle in any condition. Quite the reverse, companies usually take only items in decent condition, since they’ll have to gain some cash for them further on. In this light, before arranging a trade-in deal at mcars.co.za marketplace, get your belongings in order.

Tips on Making Over a Used Car Before Trade-In

What should be done? To begin with, brush up your car/bike. Eliminate any cosmetic damages (scratches, dents) by applying a touch-up paint and a leveler. There is no need to spend money on a total paint job or a costly repairing service, although make sure to mask the most unsightly areas. Clean up the interior and exterior: shampoo the carpets, dust the panels & mirrors, go through a professional car wash. The result will definitely surprise you.

The next step in the process of a successful trade-in is studying the market. I will not reinvent the wheel by saying that dealerships always offer less for the auto than its true market price. Don’t allow anyone to work a hype on you! Make a thorough research at online marketplace, ask private vendors about their cars’ value in order to estimate what your car is worth of. While estimating, take into account such specifications as make & model, year of manufacture, general condition, type of gear, type of fuel, mileage. The older the item, the less money you might expect to get.

To continue, put out feelers with several dealers at once. Learn their trade-in, payment, interest accrual, penalty accrual, etc. conditions; after this take a decision in favor of the company that provides qualitative services for an acceptable cost.

Remember, even if the payment conditions seem rather steep, there is always a feasibility to bargain. Negotiate the price of a used car and the total amount of loan (if you opt for financing a new vehicle); every second vendor will certainly make advances just to tie up a deal.

The closing point states that the price of a trade-in is traditionally higher if a customer prefers buying a more expensive model rather than a cheaper one. Furthermore, consider hunting for the car at the end of the year. A lot of dealers initiate discount programs (and other benefits) before the New Year just to upload their inventory of older makes and clear space for newer ones.


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