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Full service listings, sales, & online showrooms for eBay Motors

Advantages of using e-Dealerships

  Not just eBay listings.  
  Unlike other eBay listing service companies, e-delearships.com does more than just list your vehicles on eBay. We build and maintain your online business without the associated costly investments.  No knowledge of the internet is required on your part.  
Drive traffic to your main website
Each vehicle listed on eBay Motors receives an average of 1,200 page views.  e-Dealerships redirects this traffic to your e-showroom and your main website.  This will result in more sales.
  Cost effective.  
  It would cost you thousands of dollars to hire the proper personnel to create an internet department in order to produce the same results.  We are only a phone call or an email away.  
  Easier eBay market penetration and increased sales.  
  Our program is the best bet for aspiring eBay sellers.  If you have tried to sell on eBay with little or no feedback, you may know that it can be an extremely frustrating and unfruitful task.  Our proven methods and strategies will give your company the extra edge needed to achieve better results.  
  Showcase all your vehicles in every one of your eBay listings.  
  Unlike other listing companies who show only current auctions, e-Dealerships displays your entire inventory in each one of your listings to increase visibility, all while observing eBay guidelines.  
  Avoid costly mistakes.  
  Anything can go wrong when gambling with e-commerce.  It is a different market with its own rules and methods.                 With experience accumulated in the past years, e-Dealerships can help you avoid some catastrophic mistakes.  
  Professional Photography.  

Would you leave up the task of picture taking for your business brochure to your aunt Alice, the family volunteer snapshots taker?  The highline vehicles you sell are beautiful and in exceptional condition, or simply unique. You need to show them off to the world.  Our qualified photographers produce professional results.

  Get more $ for your vehicle by inspiring customer confidence.  
  Improve your image by showing your inventory history of exceptional vehicles.  Buyers will pay more if they feel more confident about the product you sell.   
  Set yourself apart from your competition.  
  e-Dealerships will represent your vehicle in a professional and meticulous manner.  The detail oriented e-showroom pages and eBay listings are sure make you stand out.  Many buyers will end up book marking your page to return on a regular basis.  
  We build you a custom e-showroom, not just a website.  
  Improve your online presence with a e-showroom.  Most dealerships already have a website that does very little more than to provide an address, a phone number and a few blurry photos of their inventory.  e-Dealerships will build and maintain your highly detailed auto e-showroom, so that buyers from anywhere in the world may examine your product and purchase from you with confidence.  
  Use your e-showroom to sell from duPont Registry, Autotrader.com, Cars.com, and local ads.  
  Once created, your e-showroom will be a valuable tool for your sales force.  They will be able to direct any inquiries to the detailed vehicle description pages, and may sell the vehicle at that instant.  
  Keep your sales force on the showroom floor.  
  Some car lots try their luck online by assigning some of their sales people to their new "Internet Department".  A team of the best sales people may not necessarily obtain  good results online.  The skills needed for e-commerce are different from those of the typical "good salesman", who may be more valuable on the brick-and-mortar showroom floor.  
  Have a profitable online business with no knowledge of the internet or e-commerce.  
Contact us at info@spm-water-ap.net or call Samir at 612-616-4624
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