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Full service listings, sales, & online showrooms for eBay Motors

Initial setup process by e-Dealerships

1  Collect dealership account information
2   Open eBay account if needed, setup account for buy now capability
3   Establish specific dealership terms & conditions
4   Build & host custom online store website
5   Acquire domain name
6   Assign domain name to server

Listing Process (full-service)

1.   Choose vehicles to list on eBay
2.   Professionally photograph vehicles in detail at a selected location
3.   Collect detailed vehicle information and options
4.   Determine the duration, pricing and listing options
5.   Professionally process and crop photographs
6.   Build webpage and update main index page
7.   Carfax check and information upload to webpage
8.   Research and upload automobile specifications to webpage
9.   Creates and uploads the listings on eBay using respective WebPages
10. Dealership receives an email with the listing link for review
11. Dealership replies to each preview email with approval and/or changes
12. Dealership receives a listing confirmation for each listing submitted on eBay
13. Dealership notifies e-Dealerships of vehicles no longer available for sale as soon as possible
14. Listing is refilled with another vehicle if possible or cancelled
15. Dealership actively manages the listings and sells vehicles or
16. e-Dealerships responds to customer inquiries by telephone or emails (full-service only)
17. e-Dealerships screens potential buyers and puts them in contact with sales manager for closing (full-service only)
18. Listing is updated to reflect agreement (buy now is adjusted)  (full-service only)
19. If customer wins bid, e-Dealerships makes contact in a timely manner, reaffirms the sale, get customer ready for dealer to take deposit  (full-service only)
20. Dealership collects deposit money to secure purchase and begin document process and loan application if needed
21. Shipping is arranged, auto is picked up and delivered ( e-Dealerships can help with initial arrangements)
*    Simple or customary actions to be carried out by dealership are in blue
Contact us at info@spm-water-ap.net or call Samir at 612-616-4624

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