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Full service listings, sales, & online showrooms for eBay Motors

Services available from e-Dealerships


  Web design  
  Web design and graphic design services available to suit all your e-commerce needs.  
  Professional Photography  
  Our qualified photographers produce professional results.  
  Photo editing & processing  
  Includes choosing the best and most appropriate photographs, brightness & contrast adjustments, color balance, cropping, Photoshop processing to alter the photograph when needed (touch up of auto on photograph before it is repaired)  
  eBay listings  
  Professional looking eBay listing are crafted including a full web page and the current available inventory.  
  e-mail response  
  All emails are screened and answered promptly and in an experienced manner to promote the sale of the vehicles.  Only qualified messages will be forwarded to sales manager.  
  Telephone response  
  Telephone calls are screened and buyer qualified before being forwarded to sales manager for closing of the sale.  
  Shipping arrangements  
  Shipping quotes are given to buyers.  Initial shipping can be arranged if needed.  
Contact us at info@spm-water-ap.net or call Samir at 612-616-4624
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